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Flange Specification Sheet
Flanges & Fittings

At Strand Composites, we believe in using domestically sourced goods and services and employ a “Buy American” policy. We believe other companies, even competitors in some cases, feel the same way. Therefore, we proudly offer FRP flanges and manways to the market.

We stock flanges and blinds in sizes from 1” to 16” in either 50psi or 150psi, using Derakane 411 or 470 resin. We also have manways and covers in 24” or 36”, utilizing the same resin choices in 2, 10 or 20psi.

All fittings are produced in the same ASME accredited, climate-controlled shop and to the same QA/QC standards as the fittings we use in our products.
We can also build custom flanges and manways to your specification or requirements. Inquire today for a price list, volume discounting available.
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Monolithic All Hand Lay-up Construction

Dimensions: STRAND™ flange, hub, and neck thicknesses meet or exceed ASTM PS 15-69. With the ability to build ASME RTP-1 and ASME Section X flanges on any custom order.

Pressure Rating: Flanges are stocked in 50psi and 150psi. All bolt holes and bolt circles are per ANSI B16.5 150 lb. drilling.

Standard 110 mil Corrosion Liner: 2 Nexus+2 Mat.

Resin: Flanges are stocked in Ineos Signia 411 with MEKP cure. We also have a large inventory of Ineos 470 M flanges.

Not Machined: The nozzle necks and backs of STRAND™ flanges are not machined.

Resin Coating: All bolt holes and spot facing are resin coated.

All STRAND™ flanges 4” and above are of Type II construction, Mat plus alternating layers if 1 1/2 oz Mat and 24 oz Woven.

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