Benefits of High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Products:

• Corrosion Resistant

• Excellent resiliency and toughness

• Temperature Resistant and Flame Retardant

• High Strength-to-Weight Ratios

• Low Cost Compared to Metal Alloys

• Good Thermal and Electrical Insulation Properties

• Very Low Maintenance


Tanks and Piping:

Key Benefits of FRP Construction:

·  The ability to handle a wide range of corrosive chemicals

·  Outstanding resistance to caustics and acids

·  Excellent resiliency and toughness

·  Chemically resistant interiors and exteriors

·  Great abrasion resistance (when impregnated with Silica Carbide)

·  Easy installation — lightweight

·  Low maintenance costs

·  Excellent flow characteristics

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Chlor-Alkali Processes:

FRP is an excellent material for use in chlor-alkali processes. Headers, cell covers, piping and storage tanks specified with the proper resins demonstrate excellent resistance to hot, wet chlorine, caustic, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid and brine.

Scrubbers, Ducting and Fume-Handling Equipment:

Equipment specified with epoxy vinyl ester resin provides:

• Excellent corrosion resistance

• Excellent heat resistance – properly fabricated laminates can be used in ducting and stacks up to 350° F (117 C) with occasional upsets up to 600° F (315 C).

• Excellent resistance to oxidizing acid environments

Site Erection of FRP Duct.  Fiberglass p
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