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ASME RTP-1 and Section X Class II Tanks and Vessels

Strand Composites manufactures custom designed fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) equipment. As the second fabricator to earn its ASME RTP-1 accreditation and the first to earn its ASME Section X Class II certification, we have been pioneers in the world of high-quality and reliability.

Whether you need a simple storage tank or a very complex, large diameter process vessel, we have the expertise and tooling to manufacture your equipment.


Pipe and Duct

We have multiple CNC and manual stations to manufacture pipe and duct in either filament wound or hand lay-up laminate types. From the simplest of spools to the largest of systems, we have the tooling and the space to manufacture your project.

RTP-1 Vessels Being Hydrotested
1st and 500th ASME Section X Class II Vessels
FRP Being Used As Material of Choice For Many Services
60' Diameter Field Erected Vessel

Field-Erected Vessels and Equipment

Diameter is not an issue for Strand Composites. In 1978, we patented our custom ring-oblation process. This process allows Strand to fabricate all major components of a large diameter FRP vessel (up to 57’ in diameter) in our shop and deliver them to the project site in easily shippable dimensions. Once on site, the components are removed from the shipping crates and erected in a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional alloy vessel. All work is performed very close to ground level and requires no hot work. This, of course, drastically reduces safety concerns. As with shop vessels, field erected vessels are built to the same high-quality standard and can be stamped as ASME RTP-1 certified.

Winning Together

The Strand Composites team is committed to helping your company find the right solution to store or process your commodity, while providing you with the safest, most cost-effective and most maintenance free equipment possible. From your very first encounter with one of our sales team members to the time your product is delivered, everyone is focused on your needs. Once you have our products in place, that level of commitment does not end. Strand offers around the clock field service, industry leading engineers, inspectors and FRP experts that are all just a call away.

Strand Delivers

At Strand Composites, we understand the importance of meeting project deadlines. It is our goal to have a 100% on-time delivery rate, and if a delay is caused by us, we will go above and beyond to meet the schedule requirements to ensure there are no costly delays to your project.


In addition to some of the industry’s shortest standard lead times, we know that equipment does not fail at convenient times. Therefore, we offer expedited deliveries to our customers to help through their time of need. We have tooling and personnel available to work around the clock at a moment’s notice.

We Fabricate Many Furan Vessels Each Year
FRP Tanks and Duct
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